“Regal, wise and heart-centered – that’s what comes to mind when I think of Mensimah Shabazz. As an author, her courage and vulnerability shine through as she eloquently shares her story of trauma and triumph. As a leader, Mensimah guides one toward the unveiling of their own inner strength, beauty, and purpose – encouraging everyone to honor their unique path. As a friend and colleague for over 10 years, Mensimah has been a loyal, spiritual force in my life, for which I am so very grateful. Mensimah has much to offer those she serves, gracing this planet with her gifts, exquisiteness, and grace.”

K.Green. PhD, Colleague

“Working with Mensimah Shabazz has been nothing short of life-changing. She has helped me find a new sense of joy, confidence, energy, independence, and strength in daily life. Mensimah, herself, radiates joy – and she teaches this by example, as well as through a range of traditional talk therapy and holistic traditions. In our sessions, she never fails to pinpoint the area of my life that needs attention and she guides me through it fearlessly and peacefully and with loving energy. Her work is a gift to the world. I am amazed at the transformations in all aspects of my life.”

Cindy R., Client

“There are two main reasons why I come to the Women’s Empowerment Circle at Agape Consulting in Wethersfield, CT – the freedom to be myself and support to continue walking in my truth. We are encouraged to be open with people whom we are just meeting. Sometimes it can be a little difficult to share personal experiences but Mensimah facilitates the circle with love and allows for a free flowing conversation & healing to take place.”

Ashley B., Client

“Making an active life decision to attend sessions with Agape Consulting was by far the BEST adult decision I’ve made for my emotional and spiritual growth. Within the first hour I was in tears. The realization that I was not going crazy for feeling empty in life and searching for a way to really live in my truth. Mensimah encourages you to be the best version of yourself. You’re not just sitting talking to a “shrink.” Every moment, every session is filled with priceless jewels to get you closer to living a happier life. No more pretending to be happy or just existing but being a powerful source of energy. I will forever be grateful for this experience.”

Guetty A., Client

“Mensimah and the work she does is AMAZING! I’ve been to counselors on/off for 20+yrs – Agape is different! If you want someone to sit passively half listening to you looking bored for 50 minutes, then this is not for you. Mensimah listens with an open heart and meets you where you are. She offers ideas, tools and solutions that you can take home and put into practice every day. She’s helped me build a solid foundation, and the confidence in myself, to build the life of my dreams. For example, I’m no longer debilitated by my fear of flying and have seen the most beautiful Italian countryside! For the first time in a very long time I’m excited for my future. Her Women’s Empowerment Circle is only 2hrs/week and it’s a great way to get a feel for what she does, while also making genuine friendships with other like-minded women. Men are encouraged to join her 1:1. Mensimah is constantly researching and learning so she can best serve her clients, whether they want immediate help getting through a difficult situation or more ongoing assistance. In a nutshell, Mensimah is a happy person doing what she loves and she can’t wait to show you how to live in happiness and gratitude every day. Do this for yourself – you’re worth it!”

Lauren M., Client

“I found Mensimah’s insight and worldview to be very helpful negotiating the dilemma I was facing.”

S. O'Connell PhD, Client

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