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Do you know when you stopped singing?

Do you know when you stopped dancing?

Do you know when you stopped being enchanted with stories, your own story?

Do you know when you stopped feeling uncomfortable with silence?

In my native land we say that if you can sing, you can tell the truth. If you can walk, you can dance. We can use these instruments of Spirit and move forward with courage, humor, harness our dreams, imbued with mystery and connection with the beauty in nature, with Source, the Divine.

We are going to incorporate in our Women’s Circle, drum medicine, to help us journey trans-dimensionally, using cross-cultural tools for healing.

Come, sing your soul song and dance with me!

Let’s experience a journey of rhythm and sound.

What is a Virtual Gathering For Women?

A Women’s Virtual Gathering is an online event designed exclusively for women to connect, engage, and share experiences in a virtual environment.

It provides a platform for women from diverse backgrounds to come together, perform various women’s empowerment activities, discuss various topics, learn from one another, and foster a sense of community.

These often feature guest speakers, workshops, interactive discussions, and networking opportunities, all conducted through virtual communication tools such as video conferencing platforms.

Women’s Virtual Gatherings offer a convenient and inclusive way for women to come together, regardless of geographical location, and empower each other.

Benefits Of Joining Us:
  • Find balance using inter-woven resources of wisdom and creativity
  • Deepen relationships, emotional growth, and spiritual understanding
  • Embrace living a new reality
  • Find new sources of inspiration
  • Move beyond the familiar
  • Bridge between sky (masculine) and heart (feminine).

Unique Features and Advantages of Our Event

  • Engaging Workshops: This is an intimate and supportive setting to discuss and harness the energies of the Divine Feminine in and around us through various activities for women’s groups.
  • Inspiring Speakers: Our speakers inspire the emergence of self through stages of a woman’s life: Sacred Body Work, Indigenous Practice, and Rituals for Creativity.
  • Networking Opportunities: Unlock valuable networking opportunities and connect with inspiring women through our women’s empowerment group activities.
  • Interactive Discussions: Engage in dynamic and insightful discussions, fostering meaningful connections and diverse perspectives.
  • what clients will get from you: Feeling enchanted with their own life story, understanding that all the stuff of life is part of the sacred.
Topics Covered:
  • Understanding The Female Experience
  • Using Spiritual Practice as a Tool for Growth
  • Joining Women’s Circles or Feminine Gatherings and its Benefits
  • Healing Mother/Daughter Relationships.
  • Harnessing the Energies of the Divine Feminine in and around Us.

Event Schedule-

  • Participate in 1 Hr. MRT Women’s Virtual Gathering – Monthly Online Hangout – 3rd Tuesday of each month at 8:00 pm Eastern.
  • Receive 10% off Transformational Coaching Program (one-on-one) if you sign up for quarterly sessions

How to Join?

To join the Women’s Virtual Gathering on Patreon, visit our Patreon page and select either the $9/month or $40/month tier. Gain access to empowering discussions, exclusive content, and a supportive community of women.

Meet the Organizer

Dr. Mensimah Shabazz, a transformative coach, and author, empowers women to own their power and live authentic, impassioned lives by integrating personal leadership values and engaging all aspects of existence.

Why Virtual Women’s Events?

Women’s Virtual Gatherings are crucial for creating a safe and inclusive space where women can connect, support, and uplift each other.

It is essential to have a dedicated environment where women can freely express themselves, share experiences, and find solidarity.

Many women face challenges in finding time for socializing and networking due to various responsibilities and obligations. Virtual gatherings offer a solution by providing flexibility and convenience.

Women can participate from the comfort of their own homes, eliminating the need for travel or childcare arrangements. Moreover, virtual gatherings are highly accessible, transcending geographical boundaries.

They allow women from diverse backgrounds and locations to come together and build meaningful connections. This inclusivity fosters a rich exchange of ideas, perspectives, and support.

By embracing virtual gatherings, women can overcome time constraints, foster connections, and tap into a supportive community that empowers and encourages personal and professional growth. It is a powerful platform to break barriers, forge relationships, and inspire each other to thrive in all aspects of life.


1. Do I need any special equipment to participate?

Since our women’s gathering is a virtual service, you will need a stable internet connection, a computer with a webcam and a microphone, or a smartphone to participate.

2. Is our Women’s Virtual Gatherings open to women of all backgrounds?

Yes, our women’s virtual gathering is open to women of all backgrounds, and ethnicity.

3. Is there a cost to participate?

Yes, there is a fee to participate in our virtual gatherings. You must subscribe to either $9 or $40 per month to services.


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