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Mensimah Shabazz is an inspiring speaker whose passion focuses on women’s empowerment, women’s spirituality, storytelling and diversity. She has been invited to give keynote/graduation speeches for International Women’s Day Celebration at Wesleyan University, Middlesex Community College, and Fox Institute of Business. She presented several workshops on Role of Women in Ghana at the Middlesex Institute of Long Life Education (MILE). She has intimate discussions on women’s power and spiritual transcendence on her book tours.

Mensimah currently offers workshops on Women’s Spiritual Development, Building Community in Business Environments, and facilitating groups to highlight resources that enhance our shared values. Mensimah brings a wealth of knowledge in how to balance life issues that will lead to self-healing, transformation, and success.

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Why Choose a Women’s Motivational Speaker?

Female leadership speakers inspire audiences by sharing relatable stories, highlighting the challenges they have overcome, and showcasing their achievements.

Women speakers offer a fresh perspective on leadership, empowerment, and personal growth, offering a nuanced understanding of the specific issues and triumphs faced by women.

Women motivational speakers bring a unique blend of insights, resilience, and empathy, derived from their diverse life journeys.

Areas of Expertise
  • Personal Leadership and spiritual development
  • Personal growth and empowerment
  • Overcoming challenges and adversity
  • Work-life balance and self-care
  • 5 Effective Strategies to manage relationships.

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Meet the Speaker

Dr. Mensimah Shabazz, a women motivational speaker, and author,

empowers women to own their power and live authentic, impassioned lives

by integrating personal leadership values and engaging all aspects of



1. Why should I choose a woman motivational speaker?

Women motivational speakers offer a unique perspective, sharing relatable stories and insights that resonate deeply with women.

2. Can women motivational speakers inspire both women and men?

While their focus may be on women’s experiences, women motivational speakers can inspire and motivate audiences of all genders, as their messages of empowerment and personal growth resonate universally.

3. How can a motivational speaker for women empower me?

A motivational speaker for women can empower you by sharing stories of resilience, success, and personal growth. They offer guidance, strategies, and motivation to help you overcome obstacles, build confidence, embrace your unique strengths, and create a fulfilling and empowered life as a woman.


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